Friday, August 31, 2007

Novitec Ferrari 599 GTB

This is officially the Boner of the Week. Despite its inherent awesomeness, I was never totally gaga for the looks of the standard GTB. My reservations have hereby been vanquished by Novitec's enhancements. Granted, modifying a Ferrari is by and large folly, but I really love the wheels, stance, and even the subtle ground effects they've applied here. The wing could probably be left off, but the whole thing just screams exotic. What's more, is that all the aerodynamic pieces are fuctional and increase downforce slightly. The car has also been fitted with an adjustable Koni coilover suspension, upsized Brembos all around, a new exhaust system, and modified electronics to boost output by 25bhp. Here are some pants-tightening pics from

My Car

A 2006 VW GTI rocks my commute everyday. I found one exactly as I wanted in Pennsylvania (crucially lacking the MD Port-installed front license plate bracket drilled into the bumper) It's fitted with the standard 17 inch wheels and A/S Continentals, the 6-speed manual gearchange, moonroof, and Sirius Sat Radio. I've modified the suspension with OEM VW springs from the European GTI that are .9" lower, as well as performing a few other cosmetic enhancements... each subtle and thoroughly awesome.

Inaugural Post

Welcome fellow losers to my car blog. I'm doing this to add structure to my time-wasting at work. I'll be posting pictures and information on all things automobile: the new, the weird, the awesome, the cause-im-bored. If you come to the true realization that my random musings do not in fact suck, feel free to tell your cargeek friends.