Thursday, September 6, 2007

2008 Mazda 6 Unveiled Early

With the Frankfurt International Auto Show just days away, juicy new info on all the freshest metal is pouring constantly into our clutches. Today we have the redesigned Mazda 6 and I must say, it's a stunner. The style and detailing of this car, inside and out, exude a high-end allure until now absent from this segment. It's easy to see inspiration, or at least the resemblance of a little MB CL in the front end, a dash of Lexus IS350 in the flanks and C-pillar, and even a hint of Chrysler Sebring in the taillights (the Mazda's being infinitely superior in execution). The overall effect is dynamic and elegant at the same time, and it looks expensive. This car will feature a new 3.5L V6, undoubtedly a version of the engine offered across the range in Ford's 2008 lineup... and word is that it's a powerful, refined piece that thankfully, requires only regular gas. If all this weren't good enough, Mazda went to the trouble of making this car lighter and more fuel efficient than its predecessor... something that the industry is just now starting to see the urgent need for. It even emits less harmful pollutants. For all its slick beauty and premium touches, the new 6 should come in at a price comparable to the Accord and Camry... two cars that when parked next to this one, will be all but invisible.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Terry G. said...

Amen. Good point about fuel efficiency - Inside Line today profiled their long-term Scion xB that only gets 23.8 MPG on average (hint: far worse than the outgoing model). The fact that the 6 looks this good and gets better mileage? That's enough for me to want one... well, that and the knowledge that a MazdaSpeed version can't be far behind!