Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lexus IS-F: Bad For Tires

Me thinks they're not kidding with this one. This is the first footage I've seen of the Lex-rod and it's freaking badass. Fully defeatable traction control and a limited-slip rearend join forces with the V8 to hang the tail out just as awesomely wide as a certain M-car... it even sounds like it. Listen closely to one of the launches in the second clip as a sharp chirp from the tires on the 1-2 shift signals no shortage of starch in the 8-speed auto.

I wasn't extremely excited for this car until I watched it hang ass around Laguna Seca. Looks like they finally put their pennies where the pie goes.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Terry G. said...

You know, with the borderline exception of the IS300 five-speed, this is the first and only Lexus that I get a little chubby over. What at first was thought to be a softer, wait-there's-still-luxury alternative to the M3 may in fact turn out to be pretty cool. Granted, the lack of a true manual or DSG-style tranny might ultimately hamper its enthusiast aspirations, but for all intents and purposes this is the real deal. It will be a very, very interesting 4-way race between the M3, C63, RS4 and IS-F. Bring on the golden age of super-saloons!