Friday, September 7, 2007

AC Schnitzer officially on acid

If the Z4 Profile Concept earlier this year wasn't enough to convince you that ACS has gone off the esthetic deep end, then the new GP3.10 Concept will surely ease any doubts. It takes the combined efforts of many people to turn out a concept car like this, and that not one of them involved with this one stood up to say "Um, this thing blows" is what worries me about the company as a whole. The quality of ACS's craftsmanship is not in question here, but the simple fact that there exists persons within the corporation who think that this car looks sweet is enough to keep me from ever becoming a customer. Whoever would want to fork over the certainly enormous sum of money for this colossal eyesore is beyond me, but somebody must be keeping them in the fugly business.

[Source: Autoblog, NetCarShow]

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Terry G. said...

This is sad... remember the days when ACS parts were the hotness? Now I'd much rather just peruse the BMW Individual catalog if I just HAD to customize my Bimmer. Otherwise, give me the factory 19s and a hot iPod playlist, and I'm good to go!