Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weapon of Mass(ive) Erection

Lamborghini's rumored super expensive Murcielago derivative is named Reventon, and it's truly the stuff of kids' posters. Only 20 people get to pay the 1 Million Euro to own one, and if they manage to change the oil and avoid immovable obstacles they're sure to make their money back someday, and then some. It also features some seriously neat glass-cockpit fighter-jet style gauges.

It's wicked nasty rotten awesome yes, but the mechanically identical (save 20bhp) Murcielago LP640 is $700,000 less. That fact is a waste of typeface however, because which would you rather have up on your wall?

[Source: Autoblog, InsideLine, NetCarShow]

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Terry G. said...

You know, this thing is madness - I'll admit that much. But wouldn't it suck if you pulled up to an LP640 owner at a stoplight? The convo would go as follows:

Reventon: Hey, mine's way sweeter than yours... it's got 20 more horses!

LP640: Yeah, I thought about that one. But instead, I got this here LP640. Oh, and an F430 convertible for tooling around town. And a $500K condo in the city for when I'm hosting parties with hot girls. And I had just enough change left to pick up a Mini Cooper S for when I'm feeling frisky yet frugal.

Reventon: *silence while he shorts out his electronic dash with his tears*